Custom Printed Promotional Cotton Bags

Printed cotton bags have increased in popularity with the green movement. UK government introduced legislation that required retailers to not encourage the use of plastic bags and charge for them. This led to brands producing their own with their logo on. So as well as improving their green credentials, they have an opportunity to repeatedly share their brand message on a bespoke cotton bag. Cotton bags can be any style or shape and in a variety of weights, measured in ounces from 2oz – 32oz. GSM is the metric measurement meaning grams per square metre  – it is how much 1 square of fabric weighs and the higher the GSM the number, the denser/heavier the fabric is. Ounce per square metre of the imperial measurement which we still use. Cotton bags that are used for exhibitions and events tend to be a lighter weight and cotton bags used for a gift or sold at retail, tend to be a heavier weight.

Personalised, branded & printed cotton bags

There are a variety of methods to personalise your cotton bag. We might employ embroidery to create a stand out for your logo. Printed brushed cotton bags are popular because the nature of the fabric allows it to take a screen or digital print very well. Other ways to personalise your cotton bag, include labels and hardware in metal. Some finishing can be Pantone matched. Drawstrings can be Pantone matched or can use the same fabric or cords from the product inside it. 

cotton bags wholesale

Buying cotton bags in bulk is sometimes referred to as wholesale cotton bags. We can take your design or brief and create the bag you are looking for. The more units you buy then the more cost-efficient it is for your budget. They get cheaper the more you purchase due to the economies of scale. Our minimum order quantity for customised cotton bags is 250. You might find a similar bag from our stock range that suits your requirements. Ask us for more details or take a look at our stock range.

Please let us know your bag requirements and we can send over personalised product suggestions and pricing.
  • Please advise design for the bags. e,g number of colours to print , print to 2 sides?
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    cotton bag manufacturer UK

    The Bag Workshop are experienced cotton bag manufacturers. Based in the UK, our small, friendly team can take your idea and turn it into a great bag. We have factories in India, China and our own print facility in the UK is like no other. We can trial experimental print work to suit a special design project or we can run pre-production samples of a variety of colourways for you to choose your preference. Speak to us for specific requirements and we’ll be pleased to explore them for you.

    experienced cotton bag specialist

    We are experienced bag specialists based in the UK. Unique because we can work with low order quantities for bespoke designs and our stock range can be supplied on even lower quantities and within a very short lead time. Agencies work with us because we are efficient and work within tight budgets. Brand owners love us because we are flexible and happy to sample ideas when they can’t choose a fabric or colour.