Denim bags

denim bags

Denim bags are chosen for longevity. It is durable, washable and easy for the user to maintain. Denim bags can be printed, embroidered and appliqued. Woven badges can be added for a certain style or metalwork can be branded and included. Indigo is the most common denim, but other colours can be used.

Wholesale promotional custom denim bags

Denim bags are hardwearing and offer a timeless stylish bag that can compliment an outfit or play a safe, durable role in its lifetime. Denim bags are hard-wearing and a warp-face textile and its twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that makes it stand apart from a cotton. The most popular denim is indigo and the warp thread is dyed and the weft thread is left white. As a result the one side of fabric is dominated by the indigo and the back is white. The dyeing process that denim undergoes creates denim’s fading credentials. Denim is best known for making trousers which were first made by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873.

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    denim bag manufacturer uk

    We are experienced bag manufacturers. Based in the UK, our small, friendly team can take your idea and turn it into a great bag. We have factories in India, China and our own print facility in the UK is like no other. We can trial experimental print work to suit a special design project or we can run pre-production samples of a variety of colourways for you to choose your preference. Speak to us for specific requirements and we’ll be pleased to explore them for you. Agencies work with us because we are efficient and work within tight budgets. Brand owners love us because we are flexible and happy to sample ideas when they can’t choose a fabric or colour.