Custom-made bags


Whether you require a custom stock or bespoke tailor-made option will depend on various details such as budget, lead time and design features like the incorporation of metal hardware and leather straps, for example. You need to decide what you want your bag for and what it might look like so that we can make recommendations and provide the most accurate quote possible.

We can offer custom made bags with full Pantone matching of fabrics, and whilst it is often easier to base the model on the bag on something already out there, we can fully custom make your bag to your exact specifications.

We have manufacturing facilities in both the UK and the Far East and can supply a fully custom matched bag in 3 -8 weeks.

Please let us know your bag requirements and we can send over personalised product suggestions and pricing.
  • Please advise design for the bags. e,g number of colours to print , print to 2 sides?
  • Drop files here or
    custom bag manufacturer

    We are experienced bag specialists based in the UK. Unique because we can work with low order quantities for bespoke designs and our stock range can be supplied on even lower quantities and within a very short lead time. Agencies work with us because we are efficient and work within tight budgets. Brand owners love us because we are flexible and happy to sample ideas when they can’t choose a fabric or colour.

    How to start a custom-made bag

    You can start thinking about the following things before you get to us for your bag manufacture. Once you know these things, we can start making suggestions on fabric dependent on the purpose of the bag or what it needs to hold. You might have a specific size in mind for a pocket, so once you know what needs to go in it, we can help you measure up.

    Our minimum order quantity is 250 for a bespoke tailor-made bag, you get economies of scale with increasing your number of units.

    Textiles for bag (fabric)

    Do you know what fabric you want to make the bag from? Have you seen a fabric you like? Please send an image of the bag if so, it will help us work it out. Or if you don’t know what it can be, can you let me know the properties it should have such as wipe clean, water resistant, reflective, lined, etc.

    Fabric colour

    Do you have a Pantone reference for the colour of the bag? We can match to that colour. Or will it be printed all over? Please send artwork.

    Dimensions of your bag 

    What size should the bag be? What does it need to hold? This will help determine the fabric strength and how big it should be.

    Handles for a custom bag 

    What length should they be? Is there one or two? Will there be a long and short handle? Should it be adjustable?


    Do you want a logo printed on it? Where should it be? How many colours is it? Send artwork.


    Will the bag be closed by a zip? What colour is the zip? Is it plastic or metal? What colour is the zip tape? Are there poppers? Is there Velcro?


    Is there a pocket on the inside or outside? What are their sizes? Should they have closures? What are they?

    Lining your bag 

    Is there a lining? What colour is it? What characteristics should it have? Wipe clean? Washable?


    Do you have a label on the bag? External or internal? Should it be woven, leather, PVC, PU? What colours? What is on it? Please send artwork or text it should have on it. Is there a care label? Printed? Shall we recommend the content? Do you want a swing tag with a barcode on it (are you selling through Amazon, you’ll need to consider their specification and detail required)? Send artwork.

    Delivery date required

    This is important if you are trying to achieve an event or a promotion so we can work back from that. Bear in mind that we offer the following guidelines for timing and then firm that up once you’ve placed your order based on current scheduling, quantity ordered and closures of the bag manufacturing factory for Chinese New Year, Diwali etc (we have two factories in China and India but also the UK for some work, but we can’t offer a lot of customisation from the UK, the price is also often prohibitive for smaller projects).

    Sampling 2-3 weeks

    Bulk production 4-6 weeks

    Shipping by sea 3 weeks (cheaper)

    Shipping by air 3-4 days (more expensive)


    It’s quite important to have a figure in mind at the start. Not so we spend it for you but so we can make sensible suggestions on fabric, fastenings, straps etc. It’s also important for you to know that you aren’t going to exceed your budget. Set it at the start and know what you are going to get for your spend. This will then help you retail it and work out your profit. Bag manufacturing can begin with the budget you want to spend and then work backwards because of the elements involved.

    Supporting information

    If you have an annotated sketch, please send it over. If you have a mood board showing bags you want to emulate or items from each bag that you like, then send it over and let us know what bit you like or don’t like.

    stock bags

    Stock bags offer fewer options for customisation, compared to tailor-made models. However, they have their advantages, including being quicker to produce. In order to determine whether or not your needs can be achieved within the limits imposed by stock bags, we will need a certain amount of information about your design. Below you’ll find our handy guide to these basic aspects that need to be considered and find out how we go about producing a bag! Visit our dedicated page for more information on the bespoke bag options available (from custom fabrics to poppers and fastenings).

    Cotton tote bags and shoppers are the most asked about shape of bag but cotton bags can be made for any style. You could consider a large shopper bag, a medium-sized college bag or a small drawstring cotton bag. Cotton is flexible enough to suit various styles and is well-known and loved as a hard-wearing fabric. It can endure repeated use and is often favoured for tote bags and canvas shoppers. Our quality cotton is manufactured to the highest quality using REACH compliant fabric.