Custom Promotional Polyester Bags

Polyester bags are a hugely flexible option as they are wrinkle-free and fold up small. Polyester bags are made from a fabric which is a category of polymers that contain the ester functional group in their main chain. Most commonly referred to a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Most of our off-the-shelf polyester bags are made from recycled PET and are beneficial to the environment.

Durable polyester bags guarantee you years of usage, multiple colour options and can be made into a variety of bag styles. We have a variety of polyester reusable bags or fold-up bags or promotional polyester tote bags that are simple and effective. They can also include more advanced styles such as zippered pockets, longer handles or wider straps.

Promotional polyester bags

If you want to use our polyester tote bags for promotional purposes, they offer a large area for your logo, slogan, event, date or other information to be printed or embroidered on. The quality and durability of our bags guarantee a long life, making it an awesome and useful promotional gift.

Please let us know your bag requirements and we can send over personalised product suggestions and pricing.
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    wholesale custom polyester bags

    Wholesale custom polyester bags can be made in bulk at wholesale prices. We can digitally print on polyester bags which makes it versatile and great for branding.

    Our more advanced customised polyester bags often offer side pockets to store easy accessible items and zipped main compartments to store items. Polyester fabrics offer advantages over natural fabrics, such as better durability, brighter colours and improved wrinkle resistance. Polyester can also be used as a lining in various colours.

    Yoga bag in grey open with purple interior

    Polyester bag manufacturer UK

    We are experienced bag specialists based in the UK. Unique because we can work with low order quantities for bespoke designs and our stock range can be supplied on even lower quantities and within a very short lead time. Agencies work with us because we are efficient and work within tight budgets. Brand owners love us because we are flexible and happy to sample ideas when they can’t choose a fabric or colour.

    custom polyester bags

    A wholesale polyester bag manufactured by us The Bag Workshop can be a great corporate gift or as a stylish statement to guests at your event. They can also be a message to your clients or customers – let them know about your environmental credentials by choosing a wholesale polyester bag that can be used over and over again.