Reversible Tote Bag Manufacturer – 2 for 1 Marketing


reversible collageMake your marketing budget go further with reversible bags and get double duty from your branded totes! Reversible bags offer twice the area for advertising your business, but that’s not all…

They also provide some interesting new creative opportunities for presenting your company in different ways. The reversible tote above is a case in point.

Produced for Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, this striking souvenir printed cotton tote bag incorporates two different designs – one on the outside and another on the inside. The client is able to show off not only the stunning façade of the architect’s museum but some of the interior design as well! Both use the same colour palette but in beautiful contrast to one another. It’s a bag that begs to be shown off from every angle, a real conversation starter.

You can take inspiration from the museum bag and apply a similar concept to your own company/attraction/product/event with ease.

For example, a car manufacturer might take the opportunity to present its latest model from the outside and from the inside. You might wish to highlight two key, yet distinct features of your brand, or simply offer multiple colourways and more options for the end user to wear your bag (and advertise your business in the process).

However you choose to brand your double sided bag, the team at The Bag Workshop is experienced in creating tailor-made bags of all kinds and can offer any advice you need. We are a specialist Tote bag manufacturer with production facilities in both the UK and far east. Please Send us your brief for a tailor-made bag of any description and we’ll be in touch regarding next steps!