Promotional Tote Bags from The Bag Workshop

Here at The Bag Workshop, promotional tote bags are our speciality! We can produce tote bags of any design, in any colour or fabric. Whether you want the most cost-effective stock model on offer, an entirely tailor-made creation – or anything in between – our promotional tote bags cover all bases.


Whilst printed tote bags are incredibly practical, we understand that one size does not necessarily fit all. And that’s precisely why we offer such a choice… We’ll ask the questions that need to be asked to make sure that the finished product is perfectly fit for purpose. Perhaps you have a particular event in mind, such as a product launch, a trade fair or awards – get in touch and let us know.


Tote bags with a simple promotional print or embroidered design are quick and easy to produce with discounts available for large orders. But depending on the scope of your project (lead time, budget, design, etc.) we could produce tote bags with every custom option it is possible to include. In terms of hardware, fabric, linings, decoration and embellishment, the sky’s the limit!


tote bags as durable and impressive as you need them to be



Your promotional tote bags will be as durable and impressive as you need them to be. They may be thicker and reinforced for carrying heavy/sharp objects, or jaw-droppingly beautiful to really set your brand apart and impress potential clients. No matter which end of the spectrum we’re dealing with, we’re proud of all the tote bags to come out of The Bag Workshop.


Over the years, we’ve accrued experience across pretty much all industries. Our tote bags have serviced the retail industry, the travel industry, the hospitality industry, the food & drink industry, as well as corporate entities and plenty more besides. Feel free to browse our tailor-made bag gallery or custom stock bag gallery for examples of some of the promotional tote bags we have worked on.


We take client satisfaction seriously and pride ourselves on establishing long standing relationships with those we work with. Word of mouth recommendations are fantastic too! So what are you waiting for? Send us your spec for a quote.