We recognise we have a responsibility to environment and people

  • The climate crisis is paramount importance to us.
  • We are always looking for better solutions.
  • We are a responsible supplier and will continue to evaluate processes to ensure we are.
  • Working conditions in our factories are safe, hygienic and employment is freely chosen.
  • Child labour is never employed.

Supply Chain

  • Our supply chain has to adhere to relevant national and international environmental laws and regulations.
  • Bag partners are SEDEX audited. This means they are independently audited in accordance with the four pillars of SEDEX which manage per formance around labour rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.
  • Our Indian bag factories are Fairtrade certified which means products we manufacture in Fairtrade cotton are from a traceable supply chain that ensures ethical trading. Fairtrade means that trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.
  • We Strongly recommend the use of Organic Cotton as results in less polluted envirnment, and ensures that cotton workers and wildlife aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Our Chinese bag factories are audited on a 2 year schedule to ensure compliance as environment and social requirements change and evolve.


  • India: we’ve moved from plastic packaging for shipping to compostable corn-starch bags. 100% complete.
  • China: we’re transitioning from plastic packaging for shipping to compostable and aim to be complete by end of 2024.
  • Our cartons for shipping will be FSC certified which means they are made from renewable sources.


  • We offer all clients the option of shipping by sea rather than air which is kinder to the environment.
  • Our shipping lines use carbon offsetting.
  • We have a tree planting initiative to reduce the carbon impact our business has on the planet.
    We plant trees based on the production of bags, and the transport carbon costs associated.


  • We are donating percentage of sale of our recycled PET bags to The Ocean Cleanup that are actively working to remove plastics from our water and oceans.
  • We will not source or supply single-use plastic items for clients.
  • We have introduced a range of recycled bags to our stock range, this includes the latest in recycled textile technology.


  • We have scheduled installation of solar panels to our warehouse and office.
  • Or office and warehouse electric supply is 100% renewable.
  • All our company cars are electric
  • Company-wide recycling in conjunction with council recycling scheme.
  • FSC certified paper stationery has been purchased as we phase out old stocks of cards, tape and paper.

Wurlin Group Ethics Policy – download our code of ethics here.

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Wurlin Group Environmental Policy can be downloaded here.