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The Future of Event Marketing

blizzard gaming event

In a world of social media and teleconferences, face to face meetings may seem anachronistic. But digital is not the exponentially growing channel it used to be. Major social platforms like Facebook have reached maturity and Snapchat users are declining for the first time in years. What’s more, ad blocking software is fast becoming common Read More

8 Promotional Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business Exposure

sale sign

Attention is a scarce resource. The average human only has an attention span of 8 seconds, down 4 seconds from where it was in 2000, according to a study by Microsoft. These few seconds may not seem much, but for marketers, they can spell the difference between a new loyal customer, and another disinterested passerby. Read More

How to Create Brand Style Guidelines


Brand style guidelines are a working document used to help build and identify your brand, ensuring consistency in the look and feel of all your marketing and promotional assets from your logo to your website’s colour palette. Some guidelines go even further than this and include your brand’s story, voice and the language that should Read More

What Do Famous Logos tell us about Logo Design?

Amazon logo

When thinking about logo design the most important thing to remember is that first impressions count. Your brand or business logo is usually the first point of contact for potential customers, so it needs to stand out and be instantly recognisable. Well-designed logos can become so iconic that they don’t require words to identify them: Read More

The Four Key Influencers of Consumer Behaviour

consumer behaviour

The most successful businesses are able to design their products and services around their customer’s needs and pain points. Doing this means having a strong understanding of what makes their target market tick. Ultimately, they are always reflecting and asking themselves, why would people buy from them and not someone else? Understanding your target market Read More

Promotional Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

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Even though so much of marketing has shifted to the digital, promotional and event marketing remain as effective as they’ve ever been and are even gaining traction as brands seek to strengthen and build genuine connection with consumers and clients. From creative swags to free product samples and coupons, promotional marketing is stronger than ever, Read More

Felt bags

Orange felt bag with clear tarpaulin

What is felt for a bag? Felt bags use felt which is a textile material and can be made from natural fibres like wool, animal fur or synthetic fibres such as acrylic or wood-pulp based rayon. Felt is produced by condensing fibres together and often fibres can be blended such as polyester and wool. Felt Read More

Pouches / dust bag / drawstring bag / drawcord bag

custom made cotton drawstring bag

A guide to making your bespoke dust bag, drawstring bag – pouch or draw cord bag. dust bag, drawstring bag.. There are many names for a bag with a draw cord, we’ve used them throughout this guide. They include custom made drawstring bag, bespoke draw cord bag, custom dust bag, pouch or product bag. Creating Read More

10 Top Tips for Marketing Your Next Big Product Launch

Marketing Your Product Launch

Launching a product successfully doesn’t happen by chance. It requires conscientious effort, the right marketing mix and a lot of planning. Of course, there is no single secret to success when it comes to product launches, but there are some golden rules that, if followed, will smooth your path to success. We’ve laid out our Read More