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The Four Key Influencers of Consumer Behaviour

consumer behaviour

The most successful businesses are able to design their products and services around their customer’s needs and pain points. Doing this means having a strong understanding of what makes their target market tick. Ultimately, they are always reflecting and asking themselves, why would people buy from them and not someone else? Understanding your target market Read More

Promotional Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

tote bags

Even though so much of marketing has shifted to the digital, promotional and event marketing remain as effective as they’ve ever been and are even gaining traction as brands seek to strengthen and build genuine connection with consumers and clients. From creative swags to free product samples and coupons, promotional marketing is stronger than ever, Read More

Felt bags

Orange felt bag with clear tarpaulin

What is felt for a bag? Felt bags use felt which is a textile material and can be made from natural fibres like wool, animal fur or synthetic fibres such as acrylic or wood-pulp based rayon. Felt is produced by condensing fibres together and often fibres can be blended such as polyester and wool. Felt Read More

Pouches / dust bag / drawstring bag / drawcord bag

custom made cotton drawstring bag

A guide to making your bespoke dust bag, drawstring bag – pouch or draw cord bag. dust bag, drawstring bag.. There are many names for a bag with a draw cord, we’ve used them throughout this guide. They include custom made drawstring bag, bespoke draw cord bag, custom dust bag, pouch or product bag. Creating Read More

10 Top Tips for Marketing Your Next Big Product Launch

Marketing Your Product Launch

Launching a product successfully doesn’t happen by chance. It requires conscientious effort, the right marketing mix and a lot of planning. Of course, there is no single secret to success when it comes to product launches, but there are some golden rules that, if followed, will smooth your path to success. We’ve laid out our Read More

How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business (And Retain Customers)

Super Size Me

There comes a point in a brand’s life when rebranding becomes necessary. However, it’s not as easy as slapping on a new logo, changing your website colours, and adding a witty tagline into the mix. When done poorly, it would backfire and you risk losing your customers. Take, for example, the backlash Tropicana received when Read More

The Top 10 Product Launch Campaigns of 2017

As the digital world becomes inundated by content left and right, the need to effectively capture an audience’s attention rises to the top of a brand’s priorities. It comes as no surprise then that businesses are continually investing an increasing amount of their budgets in marketing and advertising – whether these are one-off or long-term Read More

10 Most Effective Ways to Build Brand Awareness

What's Your Brand

Do you want to achieve higher sales but can’t? Are your products great, but you can’t get people to buy them? Perhaps you need to work on brand awareness. If your target market doesn’t know you and your products, then how are they going to buy from you? Brand awareness is an extremely simple concept, Read More

The 5 Best Promotional Bags for Your Brand

Promotional & Branded Bags

If you took a quick walk around your house right now, we guarantee that you’d find at least one piece of promotional merchandise from a business fair, hotel stay or conference that’s managed to somehow stay with you – even though you’ve completely forgotten who gave it to you. Whether you’re hosting a product launch Read More

Guide to Creating an Epic Swag Bag

G.F.Smith collection bag in grey felt

Whether you’re planning a killer product launch, or an award ceremony, creating a luxury swag bag should always be at the top of your to-do list. Gifting potential clients and attendees with a high-end swag bag will leave them feeling valued, and provide you with an excellent marketing opportunity. What a swag bag does, when Read More