Bespoke branded packaging to suit your product

Customised bags, envelopes or folders to specifically suit your product shape and use. Made from any kind of fabric from natural undyed cottons, exciting synthetics or recycled and repurposed fabrics that find a new life as a new item. All bags can be fully customised to suit your brand colours, product specification and onward use both merchandised at point of purchase or as a travel case or wallet for repeated brand exposure.

Fabric product packaging
Fabric product packaging

Custom Fabric Product Packaging & Point of Sale

Product packaging can be beautiful and practical. It comes in many forms and attributes will depend on the product it will accompany. Bespoke product packaging can address the features of the product.

Attributes of custom product packaging

  • Presentation – how it looks, brand colours or style plus how it displays the product. Does the product have instructions for use? They can be printed on the inside of a box to assist the user.
  • Protection: safety or security – keeping a product secure during transit or when it is in use. Do the contents need to be kept hot or cold? Packaging of products can protect products from extreme temperatures, moisture, light or evaporation during transit through to sitting on the shelf to the point when the consumer takes it home and uses it.
  • Adaptability – how flexible the packaging is, can it be used for shipping, presentation and storage? Product packaging can assist with retailers either storing or presenting products at the point of purchase.
  • Dependability – durability of the packaging. It should not snag, dissolve or rip. Packaging can differentiate it from your competitors creating stand out at the point of purchase but also making the product easier to use. Resourceful packaging can be reused once it has served its initial purpose, either for the products ongoing storage or the customer can use it for other uses.

Reasons to choose The Bag Workshop

We specialise in manufacturing fabric product packaging for large corporations with household brands as well as retail and product packaging for independents. We work with you to create sustainable marketing tools that promote your brand and encourage repeated use.
Our friendly client services team take your brief, understand your exact requirements and go on to create a bag or packaging specific to your objectives. We will provide advice on fabric, print, finishing plus shipping options as well as effort to ensure your bag has green credentials.
Our impeccable manufacturing facilities are in the UK, India and the Far East and are all regularly audited to ensure high standards of quality as well as the maintenance of social and environmental compliance.

Fabric product packaging
Fabric product packaging

Product packaging services

  • Product packaging design
  • Personalisation of branded merchandise
  • Fulfilment including pick & pack, global & domestic multi-drop shipping
  • Inventory service

Fabric Product Packaging Design Service

To manufacture product packaging you need a technical specification. This outlines the dimensions, shape, hardware, fabric and other personalisation options. Developing product packaging design is a specialist skill and you can source this from a creative agency which can often be more expensive than the manufacture of the packaging itself. You can use a freelance resource or you can try our Bag Design Service. We’ve been designing and manufacturing bags and fabric product packaging for ten years and have made most styles of bags, used a huge amount fabric types and have suggestions for every scenario.

Once your technical specification is refined, you can ask a product packaging manufacturer to quote for the production and shipping. Choosing your packaging manufacturer should take some time researching due diligence and code of ethics.

Fabric product packaging

Fabric product packaging inspiration

Fabric product packaging

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