Eco packaging for conscious brands

The Bag Workshop strongly believe that we owe it to businesses and consumers to provide the best in sustainable packaging to protect our planet for future generations. If every business and consumer makes a few simple changes to their shopping habits, we will reduce the damage we do in the future.

Why choose sustainable packaging?

  • Brand accountability
  • Minimise inefficiencies
  • Reduce environmental effect
  • Consumer pressure
  • Endangered ocean life

Sustainable packaging

Custom recycled camouflage shopper made with cotton and polyester

What choices do I have?

It may seem an insignificant change by switching up your packaging, even the packing inside a box, the box itself or the product protection, can be a lasting worthwhile change for the safety and protection of environment in the future.

Custom organic mesh shopper, with 100% organic cotton and long handles

Fabric choices for sustainable bags

  • Fairtrade organic cotton
  • Recycled or repurposed cotton
  • Jute
  • Bamboo
  • Hemp
  • Cork
  • Recycled plastic bottles (RPET)
  • Find out more about sustainable fabric for bags.
packaging for courier

Eco friendly packaging

Not limited to this selection of products, here are suggestions based on products we have made, sourced or have been instructed to design and manufacture. Get in touch to find out more or tell us what you need and we can make it happen.

green printed box with branded football employee engagement gifts

Printed ecommerce packaging boxes

Online retailers favour sturdy boxes for shipping to keep products safe during transit and allow them to be recycled and used again. Customise them with brand logo, message or product instructions on the inside of the box.

white printed box for sustainable reusable packaging

Customised gift boxes

Customised gift boxes replace single-use plastic bags for presentation and shipping solution. Infinite dimensions, finishes plus printing is possible. Custom gift boxes with lids that can be removed, remain attached or have hidden magnetic closure.  Lining gift boxes with padding, foam or fabric is also possible.

customised sustainable packaging
printed boxes for sustainable packaging switch

Printed presentation boxes

Custom-made presentation boxes can range from a simple printed box for shipping, flat pack boxes or slip cases to keep a ring binder and its contents secure. Variety of cardboard weights and print options.

Customised folders for presentation

Unique folders with hard backing covered in G.F Smith paper or fabric for a personalised finish. Foil embossing, print or badges can be added to personalise folders for presentation.

drawstring packaging

Biodegradable bags for shipping

Compostable bags in place of plastic poly bags are available in large quantities of 10,000+. These biodegradable bags decompose over time when disposed of in household compost waste.

Custom felt storage trug made from polyester trug, with small carry handles

Recycled plastic bags for packing

Another alternative to plastic poly bags is a recycled plastic which utilises waste plastic and can go onto be recycled again. The minimum order quantity on these bags is high from 10,000 pieces.

Custom black gymsac made with organic cotton canvas, drawstring handles

Bespoke drawstring bags

Our ready-made drawstring bags are ideal for many products. We have a variety of sizes and fabrics that can be overprinted or embroidered on a short lead time. Manufacturing a bespoke drawstring bag to accurately match your specification is possible. We can make your bag from scratch to suit your brand colours, fabric choice and budget.

embroidered felt folder

Customised fabric folder

Envelope folders, pillow case style folder, fabric covered ring binders or fabric presentation fabric folders are all options that can be made specifically to present your product carefully for presentation or transit.

felt folder in grey with woven brand label

Customised fabric envelopes

Custom-made fabric envelopes are a great option for clothing brands carefully folding their clothing and then adding a fabric envelope over the clothing to keep the presentation in place and protected during shipping.

Custom escape packing cubes made from polyester, customisation options available, set of three

Bespoke storage solutions

Textile storage trugs, mesh bags and fabric cubes are all great alternatives to plastic storage.

RPET Folding Bag with Carabiner

Can we help you make the switch to eco-friendly packaging?

It is clear that even sustainable packaging is not without environmental cost, but it is most definitely an improvement on traditional single-use plastic, throw-away bags and the cost and damage that their production and disposal causes to the planet. Innovative designs and technologies mean there are many sustainable packaging choices. Here at The Bag Workshop, as experts in sustainable packaging, we understand what works for each industry, clients, and brands we serve. We’d be happy to talk to you about your needs and can supply bags that show your brands commitment to the future of our planet and care for its customers.

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