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Print options for off the shelf bags

  • You can use this glossary of print methods for bags to help you understand what we offer. All colours are Pantone matched or we match to a colour swatch you provide. We don’t use screen shots or photographs to colour match because the colour can vary depending on what device you view it on.
  • The colour of your bag affects how print is interpreted. Printing on white and natural allows a high quality of print definition. We’ll put down a white base layer on a coloured bag for better print reproduction. Printing black and metallic onto coloured bags allows a better interpretation.
  • We like to be so precise about print, our quality checks take place with magnifying glasses.

Print quality check

Magnifying glass to check print

Screen printing for bags

Spot colour print for bags:

Spot is the most popular and economic form of print options for bags. Pigment inks are passed through a mesh screen onto the fabric and allowed to dry. The colours appear crisp and vibrant. This technique is best for logos, messages and other artwork with distinctive lines and colours. It works brilliantly on all fabrics and is effective and long-lasting.

Process print for bags :

A more complex version of the same printing is four colour process printing. The mesh of the screen is finer and only four colours Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) are used in an overlapping manner to create a print with many colour grades and shades. For the best results, it should be used on light colour fabrics only.

Pearl & glitter print for bags :

Other effects that can be achieved using screens are pearl and glitter printing. The pearl finish gives a great iridescent effect to the colour of your choice. Glitter printing includes print with glitter in it. It can be used to highlight artwork and add some sparkle. This works well with bolder designs and not intricate lines.

Digital print for bags

Digital printing on bags offers clear, precise detail for complicated designs. It takes a digital based image and is applied direct to garment., almost an identical process to printing on paper. It uses micro-sized droplets of ink that are placed onto the fabric, through an inkjet print head. It offers photo quality printing on fabric. It doesn’t show brightly on cotton, but if you are working with a poly-cotton blend or polyester fabric, the printing will be superb. This is most expensive print method available.

branded theatre gifts for Royal Opera House digital print on tote bag with black handles

Heat transfer print for bags

This technology reduced the use of solvents in the printing process and has the ability to provide a superb registration between print colours. It has the ability to look like a sticker in some situations and we don’t always recommend it as a first option. It depends on the finish you are looking for. The results are bright and clear and a great option for multi-colour, full colour or photo quality printing. Easy and quick on short runs, it can be turned around quickly. Treated carefully, the print will last a long time.

Neon print for bags

We can achieve a neon print by using florescent inks within the screen printing process. If you supply your Pantone reference from the neons and we will be pleased to match it for a super snazzy finish.

neon print on bag
gold print on bag in white canvas with black handles and woven logo label

Metallic print for bags

Our gold and silver inks have small amounts of real gold and silver in them, offering a shimmer to the print.

Foiling bags

You can achieve a very shiny effect on a natural or bleached fabric, then foiling can achieve this. Screens are used to apply a layer of glue in the shape of your artwork and then a sheet of foil is placed on top, heated and the excess removed. What is left behind is your shiny artwork. It looks great but has many limitations and can only work on some artworks.

gold mirror print on bag in black
print options for bags 3D puff print

3D Puff print for bags

A raised ink which offers unique texture to a bag. It looks good and feels wonderful. Print options for bags are so huge, do ask for advice.

Plastisol for bags

Plastisol print is a great print option for bags and is great for opaque colours and clear graphic detail. It offers a different finish to a bag and is unusual.

Embroidery for bags

We can turnaround embroidery on bags within a really short lead-time from our UK workshop. You can supply the design and we will make it for you. You don’t need to embroider the whole design for embroidery to look great. You can highlight parts of your design for stand-out. The three dimensional effect can have great impact. You can embroider directly onto the bag or you can apply embroidered badges.

Applique for bags

Choosing applique for bags is a great way to make an individual bag. Embroidered patches, printed cottons, felt – they are just some of the options to create an applique. They can be attached to your bag for a unique look. A great solution for consistency across various products and for an unusual finish. Ask us for a sample of applique and we will be pleased to show you how good we are at the finishing.

custom cross body bag

Labels for bags

Various options for bag labels in a variety of fabrics including leather, metal, wood or cotton. Woven or printed. Print options for bags are many and we will be pleased to talk through each method to help you better understand them. We can recommend which print option for your bag to choose based on seeing your artwork.