We are a bag manufacturer

Just as our name suggests, The Bag Workshop is a custom bag manufacturer. Our main office is based in the UK, but we have factories both at home and abroad, allowing us to manufacture and distribute our custom bags all over the world! There is nothing that our factories can’t handle, providing of course than you contact us in good time for more complicated designs.

Clients who choose us: 

Custom bags and totes

Amongst our most popular custom bags are our custom totes, which come in a wide variety of sizes, weights and colours with finishes to suit all specs. Other custom bags include drawstring bags, cool bags, beach bags, laptop bags – even various items of luggage. Whether you’re looking for a bag manufacturer to produce tote bags in bulk or to bring a tailor-made design to life, The Bag Workshop can take care of it all.

Our bag factory facilities

Our UK based bag factory facilities have many advantages, especially if ‘made in the UK’ or ‘made in England’ is an integral part of your brand. The Bag Workshop is able to turn around orders for custom bags at exceptional speed, which is always useful for clients requiring custom bags with a short lead time.

The Bag Workshop also has bag factory facilities in Europe and the Far East. Producing custom bags abroad has its advantages too. With a longer lead time, far more can be achieved in terms of custom options such as pockets, linings and fastenings. There may also be cost savings to be made in terms of distribution.

For more information, see our Bag Manufacturing Facilities page.

Working conditions

Our factories endeavour to meet all relevant national and international environmental laws and regulations and continuously strive to improve environmental performance. Working conditions are safe, hygienic and employment is freely chosen. Child labour is never employed. Should you wish to ask any questions about any of our bag factory facilities, please get in touch.