Promotional & personalised eco-friendly bags for life

Bags for life are a reusable shopping bag and is a style of shopping bag that can be reused again and again. The phrase bag for life became popular after the UK banned the free use of plastic shopping bags and legislation was put in place to ensure plastic waste was reduced and recycling was encouraged.  A bag for life has been a great promotional tool for supermarkets and retailers to increase their brand awareness through retailing branded bags for life that will be used over and over…

Bags for life manufacturers

Why choose The Bag Workshop?

  • Experienced bag manufacturers with global facilities. Our sales office is in Bath, UK.
  • Specialists in unique branded textiles.
  • We are experienced and a safe pair of hands.
  • Consistent, reliable and trustworthy.
  • We work with big brands, retailers and boutique companies who rely on us.

What can we do for you?

  • Make your bag for life in any form. The shape, fabric, handle length and print can all be customised.
  • We can deliver bags for life within a short time frame.
  • Custom-made bags for life are tailored to your specification to incorporate your fabric, side panels, gussets and closure preferences.

Mid weight rope handled bags coloured handles arial view

Bags for life in jute

Jute bags and a mix of jute and cotton have become a popular choice for eco-friendly bags for life. A jute bag can last up to 4 years with regular usage and can then be used as a planter in the garden for growing vegetables and other plants, and the bag will eventually biodegrade. A true bag for life! Plastic bags don’t have a positive end of life disposal route and are not easily recycled. A jute bag is a brilliant eco-friendly option as is organic cotton and canvas.

Bags for life stock range

Mid weight rope handle bag in jute with pink handles

We can supply our stock bags within 2 weeks and offer full colour printing, as well as digital processes.

Please let us know your bag requirements and we can send over personalised product suggestions and pricing.
  • Please advise design for the bags. e,g number of colours to print , print to 2 sides?
  • Drop files here or

    Premium printed jute tote bag

    Blue fold up shopper bag for branding

    Patterned folding shopper bag

    promotional eco-friendly bags for life

    Another fabric option for an eco bag is non-woven polypropylene which is recyclable but not biodegradable. Non-woven PP as the fabric is also known as can digitally printed and Pantone matched. Eco-friendly bags for life are a great way for a brand to show they are environmentally conscious as well as maintaining their brand profile through precise print and customisation options. Other fabric options for your reusable bags for life are organic cotton, canvas and denim. These fabrics at the right weight can be repeatedly used and are durable.

    Your bag-for-life personalised

    Your eco bag can be personalised to suit your brand colours and logo. Your advertising message can be applied and you can add a brand label to your eco bag or Pantone match the lining! We have a range of stock eco bags to choose from or we can make one totally bespoke to your requirements.