Bespoke Tailor Made Bag Brief

Bespoke bag brief

If you’d like a quote for a tailor-made bag of any kind, here’s where you provide us with all the info we need to do just that. We are a specialist bag manufacturer and have years of experience to help you. You may find it useful to consult our tailor-made bag options / tailor-made bag gallery for help with this. So what sort of details should you ideally have to hand?

  • What fabric do you want to use? Cotton, canvas, denim, jute, felt, polyester…
  • Features you might want to include, such as hardware, leather details, pockets, etc.
  • Bag style: beach bag, wash bag, etc.
  • Purpose of the bag – is it designed to protect a delicate object, for example
  • Quantity (from 250)
  • Dimensions
  • Handle length (long, short, across body…)
  • Budget (what price per unit are you aiming for?)
  • Shipping
  • Artwork to be included. Do you know which print method you prefer?

    Bag brief

    Fill in this brief and tell us about your bag. It will email it to us and we will be able to give you an accurate quote based on your specification.
    • You don't have to be confined to this list, we can make anything you like.
    • What will go in the bag? Helps us with fabric weight, handle strength, gusset required or not.
    • Width, length, height, depth, gusset, no gusset, side panels.
    • This helps us make relevant suggestions on fabric weight, decoration, etc.
    • Which country do you need your order delivered to?
    • Send us artwork to be printed on your bag, photos of bags you like or a visual of what you want your bag to look like.

With a variety of ways to customise your bag, we can help you meet your budget per unit and make sensible recommendations based on your target budget.