Environmental Sustainability

We are always seeking new ways to ensure our business practices are sustainable and respectful. Our staff are proactive, we employ the efficient use of resources and raise awareness among our team to sustain the long-term protection of the environment. Our customers are increasingly aware of the impact of carrier bags and we have seen a huge uplift in retailers branding their own reusable bags for customers. It’s a great way to reduce the waste of plastic bags but also promotes your business.

We recognise we have a responsibility to the environment

We have invested time and money into ensuring our products are produced in an environmentally friendly and ethically supported manner. We have great relationships with our factories and ensure standards apply to working practices.

Working conditions are safe, hygienic and employment is freely chosen. Child labour is never employed. Our factories endeavour to meet all relevant national and international environmental laws and regulations and continuously strives to improve environmental performance.

If you would like to talk to us about any of our working practices, then do get in touch and our managing director will be happy to discuss in more detail.