Woven labels for bags

There is a huge range of materials, finished and qualities for a woven label. The most common material for a woven label is taffeta, satin and cotton. It’s possible to weave up to 12 colours to a label and there are various finishing options for folding, sewing and centring the label. Woven labels for bags work best when it’s a simple design such as a logo and icon, clear text or images.

A woven label adds a premium finish to your bag and our woven labels have excellent depth of detail. The number of finishes we can offer means you can find something to suit your brand.

Printed labels for bags

Printed labels can be more complex as a digital print will show the finer detail. Care labels are usually printed in this way, but a brand label can be printed and be as superior as a woven label if the design is great. We offer a range of fabric options for a printed label for a bag. They include:

  • Polyester satin (anti-fray and standard)
  • Taffeta polyester
  • Acetate satin
  • Natural coated cotton

We can print 1-4 colours as well as print on the front and reverse of the label. Sizes vary according to your specification and finishes include labels supplied on the roll, cut and fused singly or cut and centre folded.

Care labels for bags

Care labels are usually printed and sewn on the inside of the bag. They will advise how to care for your bag and anything else you might like on it such as where the bag originates from and the fabric it is made from.

Bag label folds

Swing tags for bags

Swing tags or hang tags for bags add value and they can be printed or cut to shape to suit your brand. There are multiple finishes for swing tags. They include:

  • Drilled holes
  • Metal eyelets
  • Square corners
  • Round corners
  • Diagonal corners
  • Multiple string options: rustic string, soft string, wax cord, elastic loop, ball chain, security loop (plastic)