Free Pantone Colour Chart

Pantone matching System Coated Colour Chart

We use Pantone Coated colour references as a universal language for colour for our bags. Whilst this is not a perfect method of ensuring print and fabric colour, it works well within reason.

We always recommend asking for a test print sample or  a bag pre-production sample to ensure we have matched to your colour perfectly.

Free pantone colour guide chart

Please feel free to download our free Pantone chart.

Our free guide to pantone solid coated colours


Use this handy guide to either select colour range required for print or fabric, or use the search function to find your required Pantone reference.
When using search function in PDF – just search for the number eg 425 (Ctrl+F on a PC)

Please note this is only intended as a guide and does not substitute for a physical Pantone colour reference book or any of the the associated tools supplied by Pantone.

You can find more about Pantone Colour guides and colour matching systems here at Pantone central.

You can buy Pantone books from the following sites.

Buy Pantone Books in the UK 

Buy Pantone books in the USA

Other great colour choosing resources

RGB is the colour code used on computer screens and web graphics. To convert to Pantone use this site. RGB to Pantone

CMYK is used by  printers and graphic designers as a “recipe” for colours. This is made up of the colours Cyan, Magenta, yellow and Black and illustrated as a percentage of each colour. This is a good CMYK to Pantone Tool.

Please note there is no substitution to a Pantone book, and these tools should only act as a guide.