Premium product packaging for online scarf shop

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● Polyester silk
● Two way pull closure

  • Polyester silk drawstring bag
  • Contrast print and draw cord
Dimensions N/A
Colour Custom
Material Polyester silk
Product code BWX-0006

Custom packaging bags

Minimum order quantity 500
Lead time 3 weeks sample / 6 weeks production
Decoration options Edge to edge print, embroidery, woven labels

Silk drawstring bags

Silk drawstring bag used as customised product packaging for ecommerce store. This online shop needed a customised silk draw cord bag to send out online orders. The bag needed to be versatile for it be used ongoing by the customer and store the product in for continued use. Drawstring bags are also referred to as draw cord bags.

Polyester silk is a cost-efficient fabric that allows smaller manufacturing runs than pure silk. It accepts print nicely so a polyester silk drawstring bag can be customised with the brand logo either on the front and back panels like this bag or an all over print which allows for a design to be printed all over the bag with no print margin.

Customisation options for bespoke drawstring bags

The personalisation options for a silk drawstring bag are vast, including branded labels on the inside or outside of the bag. The draw cord can function in one of two ways – either a two way pulls so both side of the cord can be pulled to close the bag, or a one side pull, depending on the desired end use. Another option to personalise this bag would be to either knot the ends of the pull like this bag or add wooden or metal ends as decoration.

Other considerations for customisation can be the colour and fabric type of the draw cord. Silk ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, cord or fabric could be selected. It is also possible to choose from a variety of colours either Pantone matched or from a stock range.

Bespoke merchandising

Adding branded merchandise or premium umbrellas to your portfolio is something our sister company can help with. Other solutions we can help you with include a fulfilment and pick and pack service.

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