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We can make bespoke bags from pretty much anything (but draw the line at dead cats). This month, a taxidermist from New Zealand made news after listing for sale a handbag she made from a feral cat found squashed on the road… click here for the full story with pics. It was finally sold today, attracting 44 bids and ultimately achieving $545 in the seller’s online auction.

While we don’t fancy that bag spec much, it would be true to say that our team at The Bag Workshop has worked on some fairly unusual designs in their time too. We’ve been approached to make bespoke bags or pouches for all sorts of items, ranging from maps to medical kits. Incorporating PU, leather, felt, denim, canvas, ‘jelly’… The Bag Workshop is ready for anything!

We’re not fazed by designs that are a little out of the ordinary – it certainly keeps things interesting. Having had a hand in making so many bags already, we’ve established an incredible network of factories and suppliers to help us source any element and assemble them with any number of specialist techniques. You can have confidence in our abilities to meet the most demanding spec.

It should therefore come as no surprise that we produce pieces for some of the world’s most respected names across a variety of industries. Our clients include Monaco Tourism, Grey Goose Vodka, Hunter, Diesel & London Fashion Weekend.

Minimum orders for bespoke bags are inevitably larger than for custom branded bags to account for the costs involved in establishing new processes for Pantone matched fabric, etc. They might not be one of a kind, like the cat bag, but we’d argue that limited edition exclusive designs can be every bit as special as a unique piece.Request one of our new sample packs now to see for yourself what can be achieved!

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