Promotional Bags

If you’re looking for your next effective marketing campaign, look no further.

Our promotional bags come in a range of styles and designs. They’re a cheap and effective way to get your brand known, and worn.

Promotional bags are an essential part of any savvy businesses marketing arsenal. The next time your customer is going shopping or needs a bag to carry about their possessions, shouldn’t it be one with your logo on it?

What are Promotional Bags?

Superficially, promotional bags are pretty self-explanatory. They are bags that you can print your logo, a slogan, or any kind of design on, that will promote your company.

But in reality, there’s a lot more to them than that.

Promotional bags can be used to achieve many objectives that include: competition giveaways and exhibition bags to hand out collateral or samples in. Custom promotional bags encourage repeat usage due to the nature of the fabric used – often cotton and canvas which encourage repeat use and the ability to wash.

There are many styles of bags you can select to suit your brand, marketing campaign or retail objectives. Beach bags have a large area for branding whereas a cosmetic bag is smaller. Wine bottle bags are great for gifting and can offer a brand an end-user experience that is ongoing through repeat usage. Inspiration for styles of bags can be found here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask, we can make whatever you can imagine.

The bags can be printed and embroidered and a variety of options to style then can also be used, such as: buckles, fastenings and badges. Side panels and lining or making your bag reversible.

Promotional bag ideas

Lead time:

1-3 weeks or 10-12 weeks

Minimum order quantity:


Infinite choice of bag shape, size, style and decoration options

Why Should You Use Promotional Bags?

Promotional bags offer a number of benefits for you, as well as your customer, which is the crux of why they’re so important.

Customers value brands that make them feel valuable. Gifting your customers with promotional merchandise that is useful makes them feel rewarded for giving you their custom, and in turn, they are more likely to return to your brand again and again. In fact, studies have shown when you make the effort to connect with your customers in this way, they are far more likely to return and feel more positively towards your business. Which, in such a competitive market, is vital to your survival.

And whilst you’re keeping your customers happy, they’re providing you with free advertising.

Printed bags act as a mini-billboard for your brand; continually moving, resulting in greater exposure for your marketing message. Which is why promotional bags are one of the most effective methods to increase your sales revenue, generate leads and develop maximum brand awareness and exposure.

What’s beneficial for your customers, is beneficial for you.

And that’s not all, more benefits of promotional bags include:

  • They are customisable and can be personalised to individual events and customers
  • Offers a chance for your customers to experience your brand tangibly, and feel – literally – connected to your brand
  • They are useful, attractive and reusable
  • Promotional bags are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. The PPAI study noted that 73 percent of those who used the promotional product they received used it at least once a week, with 45.2 percent using it every day.
  • Due to the large printing areas available with or promotional shopping bags, they’re ideal for big messages and maximum exposure
  • Light to carry and easy to store
  • They remain useful for a long time, in fact over half (55%) of people surveyed by the PPAI kept their promotional items for over a year.

Plus, if you design an epic promotional bag, it could become the latest ’it’ fashion accessory and increase your reach exponentially.

How Can You Use Promotional Bags?

The truth is, every brand will be able to use promotional bags.

We stock a huge range of printed promotional bags, each of which can be customised to suit your brand by fabric or style.

Whether you’re attending a trade show or conference and want to give away a branded cotton tote bag or messenger bag for people to carry around the inevitable literature; or create a reusable promotional bag for a weekly shopping trip.

Any kind of promotional bag is a very clever product to choose, as they are carried around all day, with your name emblazoned on the outside.

The most important thing is that you tailor your promotional bag to fit the needs of your target demographic.

Creating a useful promotional bag for your customers is key to its success as a marketing product.

If you’re a cosmetics brand, why not create a custom toiletry or make-up bag to give out at a product launch?

Or, check out our list of the 5 Best Promotional Bag Ideas for Your Brand.

When asked about promotional bags, the majority of people will envision the typical cotton tote bag that we see countless of.

And whilst that’s a testament to the success of the tote bag as a promotional tool, they’re not the limit on what you can do with your promotional bags.

Whilst we’ve produced PVC back shopper bags and long-handled product bags from brands like Hunter and MoMA, we’ve also branded luxury leather shoppers, drawstring dust bags and utilitarian sports kit bags.

If it’s a bag, we can brand it.

For more inspiration for your promotional bags, check out the selection of bespoke, promotional bags we’ve made for some of our favourite clients in our bag gallery.

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who are The Bag Workshop?

We are manufacturers and printers of branded and promotional bags. We can offer advice and develop a bespoke bag for you or you can come to us with a design and we will make it for you. If you would like to see some of our work, you can take a look at our custom bag gallery.

Our promotional bag facilities

We have two bag factories where we manufacture our custom bags in the UK and the Far East. We use different facilities for different decoration methods.
We stock a range of cotton and canvas tote bags and can print these in-house for very quick timescales.

Bag commissioning

If you’d like some inspiration or have your bag designed already, then get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to make it for you. We follow the same procedure for each client, we hear your custom bag brief and help you make it. We have even developed a bag design template that will help you through the process.

Who uses promotional bags?

A variety of brands use custom bags to suit their objectives. We’ve created custom bags for the great paper merchant G.F.Smith as a presentation piece. We’ve manufactured bags for food packaging, competition promotions, retailer’s bag-for-life and brands extending their product portfolio. Other works we’ve completed are gallery bags, tourist attractions and custom bags for artists.

We work directly with brands or through creative agencies as a trusted advisor either in the background so the client isn’t aware of us or at the forefront and liaising directly in a three-way relationship. Whatever works best for your agency suits us, just let us know what feels best.

Other examples of promotional bags include the Yeo Valley promotion of Glastonbury festival. As part of their sponsorship package for the festival, they supply a design to be printed on over 135,000 bags that are given out to visitors at the event. To further encourage their reach, they run a competition for consumers to design the artwork to appear on the bag.

Sports clubs often give out promotional bags when members sign up. The sports club name will be printed on the bag which offers the member a feeling of belonging to a club as well as acting as a promotion to encourage other people to sign up and join.