Lined bag for film production company

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● Lined tote

● Waterproofed

● Premium weight

  • Bleached white cotton bag treated to create water and dirt resistance and easy wipe clean
  • Black cotton lining
  • Gusset for greater capacity
  • Screen print front and back panels
Dimensions N/A
Colour Custom
Available in sizes Custom
Material Cotton
Product code BWX-0753

Lined tote bag

Minimum order quantity 500
Lead time 3 weeks sample / 6 weeks production
Decoration options Edge to edge print, embroidery, woven labels

Custom lined tote bag

Custom lined tote bag in bleach white heavy-weight cotton. Pre-treated with a dirt-resistant formula to ensure the bag can be wiped clean to maintain its pristine white appearance.

Contrast black cotton lining on the inside of the bag which adds to the weight of this bag giving it a premium feel. The tote style bag had a gusset, also known as the base of the bag, which allows for great capacity to hold many items. Shoulder-carry straps in premium cotton, the same as the body of the bag offers the bag a consistent and quality style.

This bag is screen-printed on the front and back panels and Pantone matched to the brand identity.

Personalisation options for premium custom lined tote bags include print and embroidery as well as a variety of handles and pockets.

Cotton is available in a number of weights and formats. Starting at 4oz weight, cotton can be available up to 26oz, it can also be measured in gsm. The availability of cotton is usually good and standard cotton is offered in natural, black, white and can also be found in ‘standard’ colours. It’s possible Pantone match fabric through dying.

Other cotton options include Fairtrade cotton and organic cotton.

Fairtrade organic cotton Organic cotton is grown from crops that are not sprayed with pesticides or fertilisers through a process that preserves biodiversity, biological cycles as well as soil health. Fairtrade certification demonstrates the growing, processing and manufacture of the fabric. The certification ensure all elements are compliant and traceable. Our Indian facility is now certified as a Fairtrade supplier. As such the Fairtrade logo can be used on bags manufactured here.

Recycled cotton There are different sources of recycled cotton. Pre-consumer cotton which is off cuts of yarn and fabric that are discarded as a result of cutting and making garments. Post-consumer cotton waste includes cotton fibres from garments, home textiles and upholster. Repurposed cotton is produced through a mechanical process and has benefits and challenges. This kind of fabric is a great option to reduce the single use of cotton but the collection, processing and shipping of post-consumer waste should be weighed up against the sustainable growth of crops in the first instance.

Bespoke tote bags can be manufactured in a number of ways to really personalise the bag and make it unique.

Bespoke tote bag size

A standard tote bag size is 42 x 38cm. Making a bespoke tote bag means that you can make it any size and portrait or landscape orientation to suit its purpose. The size of the tote bag can be increased to include side panels and a gusset for greater capacity.

Lining a custom lined tote bag

Adding a lining to a tote bag can include fabric the same as the body of the bag or a lighter weight, either plain or printed. It can be in a different fabric such as a wipe clean PVC. The lining could serve as compartments inside of the bag for keeping the contents separate or internal pockets.

Fabric options for a bespoke tote bag

Cotton is a popular choice for bags. It comes in many forms such as recycled cotton, both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste and Fairtrade organic cotton are sustainable cotton choices. Cotton weights are measured in ounces or gsm and this applies to standard cotton or other greener cotton options.

Not limited to cotton, we work in a variety of fabrics including synthetics such as PVC or PU leather. Jute, bamboo and hemp are environmentally friendly options. Denim, non-woven PP, RPET for bags and polyester are all options to consider when working out what the bag you are making will be used for. Each of these fabrics have pros and cons associated with them, so it's a question we ask at the beginning of your bag project, so we can make sensible recommendations based on the bag purpose and your budget.

Pantone matching a bespoke bag is possible by dying the fabric prior to construction or overprinting. We supply colour swatches prior to full production to ensure you select the right colour to suit the rest of your product portfolio or brand guidelines.

Straps and handles for tote bags

The length of a strap can be customised to suit the objective of the bag. Short handles for hand carry, long handles for shoulder carry or both. Across body straps, with adjustable buckles and usually used on messenger bags can also be used on a tote bag.

The handles on the bag can be made from a number of fabrics to suit the style of the tote bag. Leather handles or vegan leather (PU leather) can be added for a premium finish to the bag. Cotton webbed handles in contrast colours, stripes or overprinted is possible. Other suggestions for custom handles on bags include overprinted cotton or a rope.

Decoration of a bespoke tote bag

Logo printing on a bag doesn't need to be limited to the centre of the bag and a screen print. There are multiple print options and choosing the right one will be determined by the artwork you want to print on the bag. Other decoration options include embroidery and applique. It's also possible to print all over the panels of a bespoke tote bag, on the handles and on the inside of the bag or on the lining. Other decoration options include badges and labels.

Closing a bag

Popular options for closing a tote bag include a zip at the top that runs from one end of the width of the bag to the other. The colour of zip can be metal gold, antique brass, rose gold or silver. Other options include coloured plastic zips. The zip tape can vary in colour and an array of stock colours are available or the zip tape can be Pantone matched to the fabric or print of the bag.

Metal poppers, draw cord closures and flaps with poppers to securely keep the flap down is possible, as are metal or plastic buckles or velcro.

Labels for bags

Adding a label to a bag can offer a variety of branding opportunities. Fabric labels can be woven or printed and sewn in various external or internal hems on the side or over the top of the tote bag. PU leather badges or leather labels can be debossed or embossed and be sewn in on the panels of the bag, the straps or pockets.

Metal badges or labels can be branded and attached at any place on the bag. Colours range from metallic colours to overpainted Pantone matched metal.

Accessorising your custom lined tote bag

Pantone matched trim, piping and thread are tiny details that can make a big impact on your customised tote bag. For a truly bespoke tote bag, the devil is in the detail itself and matching the colour of the thread to the print in the logo or internal taped seams for a precise and neat finish will give your bag the edge over your competitor's bag.

Adding branded merchandise or premium umbrellas to your portfolio is something our sister company can help with. Other solutions we can help you with include a fulfilment and pick and pack service.

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