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Bags and technology are a match made in heaven – our bags and phones are our constant companions, after all! Find out how they’re now working together to make life not just more fun, but more convenient as well.

Bags with speakers

Headphones and speakers are definitely having a moment, so it was only ever a matter of time before some bright spark came up with the idea of incorporating speakers into bags. Appealing mostly to children and young adults, they simply connect to your iPod, allowing them to listen to blast their favourite tunes when out and about. Given the target market for this kind of bag technology, the type of bags to feature speakers tend to be backpacks or feature fun designs that are guaranteed to get noticed.

Bags with in built chargers

It’s little wonder our phone and tablet batteries run down so fast given the amount of time we spend browsing the web, scrolling through Instagram and swiping through Tinder. Thankfully, there are bags out there that can charge your devices on the go, so you’ll never be caught short on battery life again – genius! So how do they work? They’re actually not unlike the portable batteries you see in the shops, only they’re integrated into your bag, so you’ll always have it on you. The only drawback, as with any battery, is that you still have to remember to charge the battery up every so often. Unless you go for the solar powered option… and use it on holiday in Spain!

Bags with in-built tracking and other Bluetooth capabilities

Another ingenious use of technology applied to bags is GPS location tracking, designed to help reunite you with your luggage should it ever go astray. Some can even alert you by text message when it moves out of sight or gets opened unexpectedly. If luggage tracking is important to you, there are also devices for slipping inside cases and tracking them that way. Bags with Bluetooth technology often have other fascinating features for the tech obsessed, including inbuilt digital scale and remote locking capability, as well as built in battery packs for charging laptops, etc. At the most innovative end of the spectrum is fingerprint ID and shape shifting hand/hold luggage.

If you’d like to include technology in producing your own bespoke bag design, then get in touch with our experts at The Bag Workshop to discuss the options available.

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