First Rule of Bag Club

Branded document wallets or presentation bags

Give your work, your pitch, your presentation, brochure of portfolio the bag it deserves! You’ve put in countless hours perfecting your masterpiece and now it’s time to unveil it to a VIP, but don’t just settle for any ordinary presentation. The first rule of bag club is: GO BOLD and show them that you are worth listening to.

Imagine brandishing your pitch or brochure in something truly captivating. Let your bespoke document bag make a statement, something devastatingly wonderful that demands attention. When you present your work, show your VIP that you mean business. Let them know that you are the chosen one, holding the queen of all data in your hands. You haven’t just meticulously crafted your ideas; you’ve also taken the time to consider how they will be presented.

Now, let’s move on to the second rule of bag club: Let the bag capture your personality. Is your agency known for its super stylish and minimal aesthetic? Or is it vibrant and lively, bursting with energy? However your agency’s personality is defined, let it shine through in your custom document bag.

Think about including a branded woven label with your agency’s name on it, adding that extra touch of professionalism and branding. You can even get creative and have the bag Pantone matched to a neon colour, injecting a flash of excitement and pizzazz. The possibilities are endless. Allow your bag to do the talking and convey your unique style.

Finally, we come to the last rule of bag club: Leave it with the VIP and let them do something with it. Perhaps they’ll display it admiringly on their desk, a constant reminder of your exceptional work. Maybe the branded document wallet you’ve created can double as a sleek tablet case, showcasing both style and functionality. The attention to presentation might just be the factor that sets you apart, winning you the pitch or reinforcing to your clients that you are indeed the best.

We specialize in creating custom bags that will elevate your presentation to new heights. Contact us today to discuss the various options available. Remember, in the world of bag club, your work deserves to be showcased in a bag that speaks volumes about your talent, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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