First rule of bag club

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Branded document wallets or presentation bags

Give your work, your pitch, your presentation, brochure or portfolio the bag it deserves! You’ve got something really special to share, you’ve spent hours agonising over it and finally it’s ready to show a V.I.P. You print it out on the office printer, get to the meeting, pitch or presentation and shyly hide it under the table as you get it out of a plastic wallet, old battered cardboard binder you’ve been harbouring for years.

The first rule of bag club is: GO BOLD tell them you’re worth listening to, holding on to and you’re here to stay. Brandish your pitch or brochure in something devastatingly wonderful. Show your V.I.P you mean it, show them you are the chosen one because what you have in your hands is the queen of all data. You not only spent an age working up those ideas you took the time to see how it will be presented.

The second rule of bag club: Let the bag capture your personality. Is your agency super stylish and minimal? Is it vibrant and lively? How will this be reflected in your custom document bag?

Will your bespoke presentation bag have a woven label with your agency name in it? Is it Pantone matched to a neon to give you a flash of excitement?

You can choose, you spent time working on your presentation, let your bag do some of your talking.
The Last rule of bag club: Leave it with the V.I.P and let them do something with it. Maybe they’ll look at it admiringly on their desk? Maybe the branded document wallet you created doubles up as a tablet case? Maybe that attention to presentation wins you the pitch or reminds your clients you are the best? Contact The Bag Shop to discuss the options available.

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