Home pack of Merchandise for Property Developer
Home pack of Merchandise for Property Developer

Making a Bespoke Bag – The Basics

Published by Steve Hill on

There are a number of considerations prior to making a bag. Once you know the answers to some of these questions, you are on your way to making your very own customised bag.

Purpose of the bag

  • What is going in the bag? What will it carry? Something heavy or sharp?
  • Is it to be carried over the shoulder or by hand?
  • Does it need to be water proof?
  • Does it need a lining?

Bag style

There are so many styles of bag to choose from you can select a style or make one up of several styles. Some key styles to get you thinking are: a tote bag, beach bag, drawstring bag, rucksack, messenger bag, reversible bag, bottle bag and so on..


Do you know how big it needs to be? Height, length, depth? Will it need a gusset? – also called a base. If we are helping you design the bag to fit product or documents, you can tell us what needs to go in it so we can calculate fabric.


How many do you need? The more your order, the cheaper the unit price becomes. So think about what events you’ve got coming up where you can distribute them, will your suppliers appreciate a free gift bag with an order or will your staff feel valued if you give them a thoughtful gift?


When do you need it by? This can sometimes affect what options are available, a short lead time might only allow for a print on 2 sides of a cotton bag, 6 weeks will lend itself to dialling up the customisation options: branded poppers, Pantone matched zips, leather handles. Find out more about customisation here.


Where in the world does the bag need to be delivered? Does the order need to be sent out to multiple locations? Does each bag need to be packed and personalised for an employee? These are details you can consider when creating your customised bag project timeline.

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