Thermal fabrics for bags

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Fabric that can keep food and drink products hot or cold!

If this wasn’t clever enough then there is more amazing news. There are three different categories of thermal fabrics for bags.

  • Thermal interfacing: lightweight insulation
  • Thermal fabric: can withstand high temperatures without scorching
  • Thermal batting: has insulating properties

Thermal fabrics can be used not only for wine bags, bottle bags, lunch box bags, champagne cooler bags, reusable bags, bags for life, tea cosies, kettle warmers, oven mitts and picnic bags.

Thermal batting


Great wadding for oven gloves, AGA plate warmers and picnic bags. Heat or cold are reflected back to its source because of the hollow fibres and reflective nylon contained in its needle punched wadding. It can be machine washed and maintain its integrity.

The breathable needled material retains its form even after washing, while the deep fibers prevent conduction and the reflective metallised poly film prevents radiant energy. This way, the hot or cold energy is reflected back to its source, maintaining the hot or cold temperature of the contents. You can use this versatile fabric for making insulating bags or totes, lunch bags, pot holders or shopper bags.


a shiny fabric which was originally designed for insulating air conditioning ducts or wrapping a hot water heater. It can also be sewn and included as an internal lining of a thermal bag.


Similar to Insul-Shine but has a white lining. Great for a smoother finish and more padded effect.

Bag insulation fabric

Made from microfibers that are a tenth of the size of any other synthetic insulation, it’s great for reflecting back heat. Great in a slim line picnic bag.

It is not recommended to microwave thermal fabrics

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